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Frequently Asked Questions For DAC1922 Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Posted by Lakesen Guo on

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What audio format doee the Rasfox DAC1922 compatible with?

This device is compatible with PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) and LPCM . Not Compatible with 5.1 Channel Signal (Such as Dolby AC3).


  1. Does plugged headphone disable the RCA jack?

No, both the headphone jack and the RCA jacks are active. There is a volume control for the headphone jack.


  1. Why isn’t DAC1922 working?

Our converter have been extensively tested and work well. It is solid constructed with a metal case and well packed for shipping, ensuring the product you receive should be of high quality. If you have any problems, there are some common issues that you should double-check: 

1) Please make sure your optical ( or coaxial) cables and RCA cable are securely connected to the converter and media device or speakers. Lose connection can cause issues.

2) Ensure the converter DAC1922 is powered on and your input devices are powered on.

3) Please set and make sure the output audio format of your media source devices ( TV/Blu-Ray/DVD/CD player) is “PCM/LPCM format” (please follow the guide in user manual of your audio device).

4) Please make sure the position of the input switch is correct ( “optical” or “coaxial”).

If you continue to have problems, please contact us by email: We are always happy to help.


  1. There is a Volume adjust knob on DAC1922, can I use it as an audio amplifier?

No.  DAC1922 have some sort of voltage-based op-amp which converts the digital signal  to analog a speaker / headphone can use. It do this work in digital side only, so it cannot be used as a wide range analog amplifier.


  1. I connect the DAC1922 to my TV and speakers, but no sound come out?

DAC1922 support PCM/LPCM audio format only, does not support 5.1 channel signal such as Dolby AC3, Dolby, DTS and other compressed digital audio formats, so you should setup your TV output audio to PCM/LPCM format, then it should be work.

 The setup procedure as following:

  • Set the audio format of your TV to PCM



  • Set the audio output method of your TV to “External Speaker“




In addition, for some TVs you need to use the remote control to change the audio output mode to SPDIF, so that the TV can output audio to the DAC through the fiber interface.  Steps: Device Homepage -- System Setting -- Image and Sound -- Voice Setting -- SPDIF -- ON


6  I connect the DAC1922 to my PS3 and my speaker, but no sound come out?


Connect PS3, PS4 and some other game consoles, you need to use the remote control to change the audio output mode to SPDIF from HDMI (default).  Steps:  Device Homepage -- System Setting -- Image and Sound -- Voice Setting -- SPDIF -- ON


 More questions? Please check

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