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Frequently Asked Questions For Rasfox HDMI to RCA Converter

Posted by Lakesen Guo on

HDMI to AV/RCA Converter FAQ

1. What is the compatibility for this Rasfox converter box?

This converter work well with a huge variety of sources, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Media Player, Chromecast, AppleTV, Blu Ray, PS3, PS4, Nvidia Android TV and many many more.

2. Why the product doesn't work?

Our converters have been extensively tested and worked well. It was solid constructed with metal case and well packed for shipping, the product quality you received should be good. If you meet any problems, there are some common issues that you should double-check :


1) First of all, please make sure you got a correct converter, please reference ours blog 


2) The converter MUST get power to function. Please be sure plug the power adapter in and make sure the power adapter working well. (How to test the power adapter: unplug the HDMI cable from the converter and plug the power adapter in, if the LED indicator is on- red, the power adapter is working well, otherwise the power adapter doesn't work, you need to contact with us and get a replacement).

3) Your TV MUST be on the proper input. This generally means you have to use your TV remote to change inputs until you get to the right one. Typically the remote has a button labeled source or input, but this varies by TV and we do not maintain instructions for individual TVs.

4) Make sure that the red/white/yellow cables run from the converter into the red/white/yellow INPUTS on your TV. If you connect to your TV's outputs, this will NOT work. If you connect to red/green/blue inputs, the converter will not work (and your picture will likely be in black and white). Some TVs have a single set of inputs for composite and component connections. If you find that your picture is in black and white, you may be connecting to component connections (red/green/blue) rather than composite (red/white/yellow).


5) Your source (fire stick, chromecast, etc.) must also get power. Be sure that you have it connected to power.

If you continue to have problems, we are happy to help


3. I connected the converter, video is OK. but it is no sound come out?

It sounds like a cable is not secure or is not connected to the correct input on your TV. Please check your cables at both ends and also remove and reset each of the 6 ends of the cable (3 on each end). Make sure plug your red/white audio cables in correct red/white jack on your TV ( check the picture above), and unplug power to everything and let it reboot. If it still does it could be a bad audio jack. Maybe try on another TV to see if it's the converter or the TV.


4. Will this work if i hook this up to my computer with a hdmi cable?

Yes, if your computer has an HDMI output and your TV has a red/white/yellow input. But if you are trying to view a Fire Stick on your computer, then no, this will not work. 


5. Can I stream netflix from my laptop to my old TV using this device?

If your laptop has an HDMI output, then yes, this should allow you to mirror your laptop screen on a TV with red/white/yellow inputs. 


6. Will this work with a comcast X1 cable box?

If the cable box has HDMI output but not red/white/yellow composite, then yes, this should work fine. 


7. I already have a fire stick it’s the one without the voice recorder will it still work if i purchase this?

Yes, this works with all Fire Sticks. 


8. Do you also need to buy the micro-hdmi to hdmi cable to connect the kindle fire to this adapter?

Yes, you need the micro-hdmi to hdmi cable.


9. I connected this converter from Roku Express to an old 27" CRT TV.  Aspect ratio is wrong and text show noise,  any suggestions?

It should be Roku ratio setting problem, the default setting for Roku is 16:9,but old TV is 4:3 aspect ratio, so we recommend setting the Roku to 4:3 in the settings menu -> display type -> change 16:9 to 4:3  or others if you have options. If you do not see the 4:3 option in your Roku or Roku Streaming Stick, please contact us for instructions 


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