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Rasfox HDMI to AV Converter For Amazon Fire Stick Installation Guide

Posted by Lakesen Guo on

Rasfox HDMI to AV Converter For Amazon Fire Stick Installation Guide

1. Connect your original USB power cable to Fire Stick. Do not plug the power adapter into the power outlet until last step.


2. Insert the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of Rasfox Converter directly.


3. Connect one end of your RCA cable (Red/White/Yellow) to the colored RCA connector on the converter, and connect another end to the RCA (Red/White/Yellow) connectors on your TV.


3. Your TV MUST be on the proper input. This generally means you have to use your TV remote to change inputs until you get to the right one. Typically the remote has a button labeled source or input, but this varies by TV and we do not maintain instructions for individual TVs.


5. Plug the power adapters of Fire Stick and Converter into the power outlets. It can take up to 2 minutes for picture show up on your TV.

Note: Make sure that the red/white/yellow cables run from the converter into the red/white/yellow INPUTS on your TV. If you connect to your TV's outputs, this will NOT work. If you connect to red/green/blue inputs, the converter will not work (and your picture will likely be in black and white). Some TVs have a single set of inputs for composite and component connections. If you find that your picture is in black and white, you may be connecting to component connections (red/green/blue) rather than composite (red/white/yellow).

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