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Why my MagSafe adapter become so hot?

Posted by Lakesen Guo on

The power adapter might become very warm during normal use. They do get very hot when charging and running near 100% CPU. Especially you are playing games.  It's normal, it wouldn't be concerned until you saw it melting or smelled something burning.

You can expect that both the computer and the adapter will heat up more than usual whenever you're playing a processor- and/or GPU-intensive game, and even more than that if you're trying to charge the battery at the same time. But your adapter should never be hot enough to burn you.

All MagSafe power adapter have over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection machnism inside, so you should"t be concern about burning. Generally when the internal temperature is over 75 Celsius, the breaker built in internal will be shutdown charging automatically, and it make sure the power adapter is safe.

The chargers are designed to heat up. This is why (depending if you have a new macbook) they charge up so quickly. The material used to make the chargers can withstand over 80 degrees heat, If you get the manual and check up in the battery, then it warns you that it gets hot. It shouldn’t be so hot that you can't pick it up. And please don't leave it on your bed, That's just asking for something to happen. 

You need to charge your computer up until it's full, if you constantly leave it on charge when you don't need to then your actually causing you battery to overwork its self. The idea is, charge it up, then when you have drain it.

Here's some pretty valuable excerpts:

1. Set up your MacBook on a stable work surface that allows for adequate air circulation under and around the computer. Do not operate your MacBook on a pillow or other soft material, as the material can block the airflow vents. Never place anything over the keyboard when operating your MacBook. Never push objects into the ventilation openings.+

2. The bottom of your MacBook may become very warm during normal use. If your MacBook is on your lap and gets uncomfortably warm, move it to a stable work surface.+

3. Make sure the AC plug or AC power cord is fully inserted into the power adapter before plugging the adapter into a power outlet. The power adapter may become very warm during normal use. Always put the power adapter directly into a power outlet, or place it on the floor in a well-ventilated location. And make sure that air can flow around the adapter.

magsafe plug  

4. If you’re using the AC power cord, place the MagSafe Power Adapter on a desk, table, or on the floor in a well-ventilated location. Avoid thick carpet, bedding, or furniture that would impact airflow on the adapter, as those items might trap heat radiated from the adapter case. Also avoid prolonged contact between yourself and the adapter brick when the adapter is in use.

magsafe power cord 

Should your power adapter burn you? Absolutely not. Should it react outside of how Apple intended it if it's not used properly? Absolutely.

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