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AV CVBS RCA Composite to HDMI Female Converter Adapter Box Upscaler 1080P

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  • This Rasfox® adapter will converts Composite signal (from yellow, red, white cables) to HDMI signal for an HDTV / monitor, with audio support. It has a dedicated processing unit built-in to convert audio/video with the highest quality, which no cheap conversion cables can match up with.
  • Video input: RCA (Yellow, Red, White); Video output: HDMI Female
  • Support PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV formats
  • Plug and play with no drivers required; Supports high resolution up to 1930 x 1080P


  1. Active Converter: Rasfox Converter is an active converter (not a ‘passive’ converter), it requires extra power to operate and a power adapter is included in the package. Active products have a huge advantage when working with long cable runs and video conversion applications. Because they take power from an external source, they have the grunt to boost your AV signals over longer distances. They have enough power to do the audio and video conversion faster and accurately also.
  2. Solid Construction & Excellent Performance: Rasfox converter is made with metal box for better look and feel. More efficient and accurate circuit board with High quality Intelligent IC shipsets inside. This active unit have upscaling hardware inside to improve your image. If your source device is standard-definition analogue and your display is Full HD (1080P), the extra processing grunt can make the image quality more bearable.  It is important to note that the image will only be as good as the device capabilities. For instance, a 720p video recorder will not produce 1080p results on a newer TV by simply using a converter, but it will deliver the best quality possible


  1. Who need this adapter: If (a): you have an older camcorders, an older VHS player and many other classic systems such as Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis but does not have the HDMI output port and (b): If you want to display it on newer, high-definition televisions which does have the HDMI input port only.  Then this AV to HDMI converter is yours, it can connect the (a) and (b) together.


  1. What in the box: What in the box:  As the picture showing, the product package is include: 1 converter box, 1 external power adapter and 1 user manual


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  • Does the external power adapter for this converter (AV CVBS RCA COMPOSITE TO HDMI FEMALE CONVERTER ADAPTER BOX UPSCALER 1080P) work for both 120vac and 230vac?

    Yes, it work from 100V-240V.